About Us


Our Principles and Aims


This hospital pays the highest regard to human life and personal dignity. We are committed to providing superior quality medical care and to fostering medical staff with a rich sense of humanity.


  • To provide safe and reliable patient-oriented medical care.
  • To foster medical staff of the highest quality with a well-rounded character and a sound sense of morality.
  • To practice specialized and advanced medical care reflecting the latest achievements in medical research.
  • To promote regional partnership and contribute to improving community healthcare.
  • To implement appropriate and efficient hospital management.

Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Patients have the right to be treated with dignity and to receive fair, high quality healthcare.
  2. Patients have the right to receive sufficient explanations and information about their condition, treatment, and care.
  3. Patients have the right to seek a second opinion from a doctor of another institution.
  4. Patients have the right to make decisions regarding the treatment they receive.
  5. Patient privacy will be respected and personal information obtained during treatment will be protected.
  6. Patients are responsible for cooperating with hospital staff and actively participating in the treatment.