Our values and mission


Valuing the dignity of life and individuals, we provide high quality healthcare and develop compassionate healthcare professionals


  • To provide patient-centered safe and reliable healthcare.
  • To develop quality healthcare professionals who are compassionate and ethical.
  • To practice advanced and leading-edge healthcare that incorporates current research.
  • To promote regional cooperation and to contribute enhancing the quality of community healthcare.
  • To ensure optimal and efficient hospital management.

Patient entitlements and responsibilities

  1. Patients can expect to be treated with dignity and receive fair, high quality healthcare.
  2. Patients can expect to receive sufficient explanations and information about their condition, treatment, and care.
  3. Patients are entitled to make decisions regarding the treatment they receive.
  4. Patient privacy will be respected and personal information obtained during treatment will be protected.
  5. Patients are responsible for cooperating with hospital staff and actively participating in the treatment.